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Gay Erotica from the Past 03

Gay Erotica from the Past 03

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If one can overcome the faded color, scratchy images, mumbling sounds of a dirty sex talk soundtrack and the occasional jumping of the image, then this compilation of sex scenes from the early days of 1970s porn will be of great interest. The video begins with an energetic blow job performed on a huge, spongy dick — why, the poor sucker can’t even get half of it in his hungry mouth! Other scenes include some long-haired boy studs who are all over each other. Another features a teen caught in the tub with a hard-on by his buddy, and what does the buddy do? Get it on, man! There is also a short snippet involving sucking and leather. Overall very hot.

Tempo: 01:13:04
Lançamento: 2000
Studio: Jerico Video




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