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Masterstrokes 1 Three Ways (Dvd 1)

Masterstrokes 1 Three Ways (Dvd 1)

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“Chris Ward’s Masterstrokes features scenes that Ward has selected to represent his finest work. These include many scenes that have become iconic classics within the gay erotic genre. This first volume of the series is focused on three-ways and offers up ten spectacular, full three-way scenes on two discs. The series is a limited run, collector’s edition created with serious porn collectors and Chris Ward fans in mind. Scene One from Sexpack One: Four Tight Tales featuring Jason Branch, Blake Harper and Robert Black Zeus Boy of the Year Robert Black is joined by Jason Branch and Blake Harper for a construction site work-over that runs the gamut from bondage to fucking-including an amazing three guy chain. Blake Harper’s pucker-hole never looked so good, especially when Jason drives his empire-shattering cock right into his gut. Wow. This scene was a contender for best three way that year. This is high class erotic art that will get you off and satisfy your every visual need.

Scene Two from Boners featuring Matthieu Paris, Tamas Eszterhazy and Huessein Huessein is washing himself off in an outdoor shower. The water trickles down his furry chest and over his already hard cock. As he exits the shower he is fortunate enough to find Tamas Eszterhazy and Matthieu Paris in the nearby hot tub. As Huessein joins them, the dick sucking begins and Huessein is the center of this amazing threesome. Matthieu and Tamas take turns with Huessein’s boner and then get some oral attention of their own. When the fucking starts, this scene really burns up the screen. Matthieu is the first top and his huge erection fills every inch of Tamas’s hungry hole. Huessein is next to pump Tamas while Tamas is busy sucking dick. Both Tamas and Huessein shoot loads but the scene has only begun. Matthieu is next up for bottoming and Huessein is quick to fill his butt. In the golden sun, the action is non-stop. Huessein plows away as Matthieu groans. Matthieu’s hole is never satisfied and Huessein is happy to provide a hard cock for its pleasure. These two fuck as the sun begins to set and the cum flies as both men cover Matthieu in jizz. Scene Three from Hotter than Hell Part 2 featuring Logan McCree, Dak Ramsey and Tober Brandt In the sewers of San Francisco, The Devil’s minions are at work, on each other. Logan McCree, Tober Brandt, and Dak Ramsey are waiting for their orders, so while they wait, they play. Logan is on his knees sucking the cocks of Tober and Dak. Logan’s cocksucking is pure animal. Logan goes back and forth between the two, worshipping Dak and Tober’s power. Tober is soon returning the favor, while Dak continues enjoying Logan’s wet mouth. Logan stands up to get his cock sucked by Dak and gets rimmed by Tober. Dak is the first to enter Logan’s hot hole. Dak is an incredible fuck, going all the way in and out, making sure Logan feels every inch. Logan can’t seem to get enough of Dak’s hot tool. While Logan is on his back taking Dak’s cock, Tober sucks Logan’s dick, making him feel good all over. Dak rolls Logan over, showcasing Logan’s incredible tattooed body. Logan is soon sitting down on Dak’s hot cock, riding it for all it’s worth. Dak shoots over Logan’s ass, and then Tober gets a chance at the worked-over hole. Tober’s fat cock pumps Logan’s hole perfectly, making Logan shoot a hot load. Tober soon follows with cum all his own. The Devil calls, and it is time for the fun to begin. The three make their entrance from a manhole and trail Steve Cruz, waiting to pounce on their prey. They catch Steve and lay a royal beating, leaving Steve in the gutter crying for help. Help arrives, but it is not the kind he wants. “The Cop” Ricky Sinz needs to take Steve back to get his payment… Scene Four from A Porn Star is Born featuring Shane Rollins, Jerek and Victor Rios

Scene Five from Gay Dreams 2: San Francisco Nights featuring Tag Adams, Brendan Austin and Shane Rollins How better to start a sex vacation than a passionate fling with gorgeous pig boy Tag Adams? The action takes place after dark, in a huge South of Market condo filled with succulent moonlight. Brendan Austin and Tag Adams tear each others clothes off at a furious pace, revealing two of the hottest male bodies of all time. Brendan’s smooth, ripped abs contrast starkly with Tag’s light pelt of pec fur. Oral service is followed by powerful fucking ? for the fan of the male form, this scene will be an all-time favorite. But then, just as action reaches a crescendo, in saunters Shane Rollins ? propelling the scene to an even higher level as Brendan Austin and Shane Rollins take turns powerfucking Tag’s puckered ass. Talk about an eager bottom. Tag takes it all and delivers one of the finest performances of his illustrious career. Scene Six from Stoked Part 2 featuring Arpad Miklos, Michael Soldier and Taurus We open on handyman Michael Soldier (I wondered if the maintenance people ever checked this place) as he makes a pass at French superstar Taurus. Then, from a shadowed corner of the room comes Arpad Miklos. He’s tall, he’s stacked, and he’s hung like a prize bull-his presence alone dominates the space, but then he pulls out his mammoth prick and the two other men drop to their knees like pilgrims at a shrine. There is never any doubt who the big dog is and Soldier and Taurus form a 2 man service team whose sole purpose is to produce as many loads as possible. First they initiate a 3-way suck-a-thon that leads to a stunning circle-jerk and triple cumshot. This is followed by Arpad taking the two horndogs to school, the lesson being ‘butt powerpounding by enormous penis’. This is obviously a graduate course not recommended for the novice, featuring some of the most animal-like fucking seen outside of a nature video. By the time they all crack their final nut, even you will need a cigarette. Scene Seven from Gay Dreams featuring Shane Rollins, Peter Raeg and Michael Vincenzo Ok- so how would you end your Dream Movie? Shane, still outside wondering what Raeg and Vincenzo are up to, decides to imagine himself in an all-male sandwich that starts off with an ass eating extravaganza featuring super star butt hole every where you look! Hairy man-ass, begging boy-ass, porn star muscle-ass-no matter what your taste, it’s on the menu. A frenzy of ass eating is followed by wet and nasty cock sucking until you are aching for release. Then, as if this movie had not already delivered more than your wildest dreams, Vincenzo and Raeg take charge of Shane’s Butt in what cannot be described with words alone. This is real sex in real time and the cum shots prove it. Michael Vincenzo was so turned on by Shane’s world class ass that he actually shot four separate full loads in a matter of less than five minutes, the last one spurting out of his over-used cock right as Shane and Raeg erupt in a massive joint spunk spasm that leaves everyone shaking in disbelief. Scene Eight from Manifesto featuring François Sagat, Huessein and Jay Black Three hot men, working their bodies with heavy weights… A bench press… Dumbbells… Sweat… Men… Arousal. The scene opens with the sounds of the workout, guys with perfect bodies keeping them in top form. They are doing what is natural for them, helping each other through the paces of muscle growth, eyeing each other with both lust and satisfaction. These are proud men, prime examples of the species. Eyes dart back and forth, encouraging each other in more ways than one. Things take a turn when François removes his shirt- Huessein and Jay Black can’t stand it any more. Weights get dropped and the workout becomes one of the finest three-ways ever filmed by anyone. Could this be the perfect porn scene? We are not joking-it really is that good-the guys are freshly pumped so they look better than ever. We are not going to give you all the details here about this most amazing scene- suffice it to say that François takes it from both Jay and Huessein like a pro, and then Jay gets pounded as well. It’s a real mix-up with everyone doing everyone in ways you never thought possible. Scene Nine from Hard as Wood featuring Michael Brandon, Mike Power and Joey Russo Back at the campfire the storytelling never ends. Campfire buddies Micheal Brandon and Mike Power blow their loads after hours of storytelling and stroking. Suddenly Joey Russo appears out of the darkness, you know that the best is yet to come. Joey, one of California’s most voracious sex pigs, chows down on both cocks before him, taking each dick all the way down his greedy gullet. If you have seen Michael Brandon’s cock, you know that this means Joey has very real talent. Fucking in a variety of positions in front of the campfire, Joey can’t get enough as he bounces back and forth between his two tops. The verbal abuse is great and Joey squeals like a pig on a spit. The fucking here is dramatic and we all feel that this is the best performance of Joey Russo’s career. His final cum shot-stroked off by Mike Power while straddling Michael’s cock-is a showstopper and is a fitting end to this fuckfest. Scene Ten from Sexpack Six: Heavy Equipment featuring Michael Brandon, Ryan Lexington and Vince Varrone”

Stars: Huessein, Shane Rollins, Tag Adams, Arpad Miklos, Michael Soldier, Victor Rios, Jerek Michael Brandon, Jason Branch, Blake Harper, Rob Black, Brendan Austen, Ryan Lexington, Peter Raeg, Tober Brandt, Francois Sagat, Tamas Eszterhazy, Joey Russo, Dak Ramsey, Jay Black, Matthieu Paris, Taurus Dean, Logan McCree, Mike Powers

Studio: Raging Stallion Studios




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