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Spanking 85

Spanking 85

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Filip Kucera has been shackled, naked to a stepladder. His cock and balls have been tied too, He pulls against his shackles as his teaser arrives. He is teased and then his cock feels a hand on it, wanking a little. The cock responds by getting nice and hard. Oil is applied to the cock, and it is wanked more. Filip is turned around to show off his sexy ass. The hands feel, spank, and squeeze the ass. The hole is inspected again too as the cock is wanked down between the legs. The heavy hands spank more on the hot ass too. Two fingers are then shoved roughly into the tight hole to fuck it deeply. Filip moans all the while as the sexy ass is punished hard. Sexy Erik Vejvoda has been gagged and shackled as he writhes in the chair wearing just his underwear. Erik moans and writhes as he feels the hands on him. Oil is dripped onto the cock. The cock is wanked as the hands also spank on Erik’s torso. Then the underwear is pulled down, and off, to fully reveal the cock and balls. Then Erik’s legs are raised which shows off a very hairy ass and the tight hole.The finger comes out and the cheeks are spread to make that hole gape. The fingering and spanking continue on that ass, as Erik’s moans protest. His cock is wanked hard and fast and soon delivers the hot cum which shoots all over the place. Mito Kovac is gagged and he has been shackled with his hands above his head. He is also naked apart from his underwear. The hand slaps on that hot, squirming, body. The hand also grabs at Mito’s clothed cock. The underwear pulled down and the ass is spanked hard. Then the crop is used on that sexy ass. That sexy ass is spanked and oiled as Mito squirms. Then Mito’s nipples are clamped too. His body and ass are spanked more and the hand beat on the thighs too. All the while Mito writhes around trying, in vain, to avoid the punishment. His dick is pulled and wanked.

Running Time: 65 minutes
Studio Name:   William Higgins 
Series:   Spanking 
Director:   William Higgins 




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