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Subway Stories

Subway Stories

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Dressed in a suit, businessman Jax sees hot twink Joey Mills peering at him on the subway. He moves closer to play a little footsie, massaging Joey’s bulge with his socked toes. When they meet across the pole from each other, they touch, and Joey drops to his knees to swallow Jax’s huge cock deeply. The tall, lean top rips Joey’s boxers and fucks him doggy-style, then sits up as Joey jumps on him like a turnstile. Joey’s face presses against the glass as Jax presses him against the door, and then the top puts him back in his seats as the subway train pulls into Joey’s tunnel. When their limo doesn’t show up, husbands-to-be Ricky Donovan and Adrian Hart rush into the subway, knocking each other down. It reminds them of the day they met on that same subway line, and the couple recalls how they started flirting, then stripped each other and had a hot hookup on the subway.What better way to celebrate their wedding day than to relive that first time. They take off their suits and Adrian sucks Ricky’s cock and then gets down on him. Ricky gets down on his fiancé, then fucks him doggy-style, and the guys lie down on the floor for a dirty fuck before experiencing a simultaneous orgasm. Time to tie the knot. Chris Damned is secluded in the subway car, so he starts rubbing his cock through his gray sweater, at least until Michael Boston enters the car. Chris closes his eyes and tilts his head back, pretending to just rest, but Michael notices his bulge and takes a picture before he reaches his stop. He turns to flirt with Chris and gets stuck in the doorway. Chris rushes to the rescue, but Michael gets a hold of his dick and pulls down the tattooed guy’s pants to take his dick in his mouth. Subway mechanic Kyle Connors is called in to fix the stuck doors, but when he is greeted by Michael’s muscular ass, he gets his cock stuck deep inside instead. Kyle fixes the doors and gets on the train so Michael can suck both dicks. Chris fucks Michael doggy-style, then sucks Michael’s cock while the bottom rides Kyle on the seats. Pretty soon both tops take turns fucking Michael’s pile next to the pole until both cum on his face, and Michael jerks off until he cums.

Length: 1 hrs. 22 mins.

Production Year: 2021

Studio: MEN




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