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Workplace Fuck

Workplace Fuck

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Sean Duran & Alexander Garrett slip into the exam room at the hospital they work at. When they find the room empty, they lock the door and get right down to business. Alexander is a bit nervous, but Sean does not care and soon has his cock out. Jay Donahue has had the desire to have sex with Dr. Rego Bello in the exam room for as long as he can remember. When he comes for a visit, the Dr. examines him but cannot avoid Jay’s hard cock. Jessie Colter and Jack Andy find Lube and other sex items in a drawer and decide they should have their own fun. Jack drops to his knees and devours Jessie’s hard cock. Cesar Rossi walks in the exam room catching Angel Ventura in mid-stroke. Angel tries to hide his cock, but Cesar closes the door and tells him he saw what he was doing and asks if he needs some help.

Year: 2019
Studio: Pride Studios
Actors: Alexander Garrett, Angel Ventura, Cesar Rossi, Jack Andy, Jay Donahue, Jessie Colter, Rego Bello, Sean Duran





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