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A Helping Hand

A Helping Hand

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David Luca and Pan Bash want to have a little fun together, after David sucking Pan’s cock next to an abandoned factory, they take the action to their house. Once they are on the sofa half-naked, they start to play with eachothers feet before the real fun arrives. After a footjob and a big dildo in David’s ass, Pan can’t resist to fuck hard him on the rug until he blows his load all over his ass. But Pan is just getting started with David, and soon he brings him to a table where starts to piss all over his chest before fisting his ass. David seems like he’s going to explode enjoying Pan’s hand inside him and soon he does, jerking himself with Pan’s fist still inside his abused ass. This intense DVD brings an extra scene, Piss Soaked Russian Cumslut, where some of the best boys from My Dirtiest Fantasy take turns to fuck Kaspar Hauser’s face and piss on his naked body.

Year: 2019
Studio: My Dirtiest Fantasy
Actors: David Luca, Pan Bash





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